Tuesday, 8 May 2018

May have found the best album of the year so far....

Over a couple of EP's and singles Bryde has built up to her debut album, Like an Island

Nowadays singer-songwriter means the trite, over polished likes of Ed Sheeran but this is raw guitar led rock. The opener Brave is my favourite track of the year - A study in being told to keep smiling after heartbreak. The ending where the spoken monologue overlays the chorus is very reminiscent of Under the Gun from the Sisters of Mercy

Less is full of squalling guitar which given airplay would have students pogoing in every Uni Bar across the country.

A couple of tracks are taken from the earlier EP's including the beautiful Transparent which should have closed the album. The ballad like Steady Heart is one track too far (album's should always be 10 tracks long...)

Desire does what it says in the title and is the soundtrack to (not so young) lust and if you get to see the video, it's amazing

Considering Sarah plays everything apart from the drums this is a phenomenal effort from a very talented artist

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