Friday, 18 December 2015

Possibly the final review of the year and dedicated to all the whining, closed minded idiots who write to Prog magazine about how music must only sound like the classic Prog of the 70's.... This album is not for you

Songs from the North is a triple album (very 70's) from Swallow the Sun. No gimmicky cover, 'special' guests or reworking of old songs - just 3 albums of original material

Disc 1 is classic Swallow the Sun. All death growls and clean vocals, like Opeth being played at half speed. All in all a damn fine album on it's own but then comes the acoustic album.

Starting with a single piano note being refrained it turns into some glorious classical piano with the sounds of the wolf pack howling in the distance. A thing of icy beauty. All the tracks are instrumentals or sung with lush vocals while the acoustic idea is blown away by some very Marillion like guitar solo's.  And as you wallow in this gorgeous landscape alongside comes part 3

This is now brutal doom played at walking pace that makes Black Sabbath Look cheerful. 5 songs all over 7 minutes leading you into despair.

Quite simply taken as a complete package this is a stunningly good way to end the year (but best not played around the Christmas table)

Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Most album's are too long and need trimming but PSB go against the rules again. The final single Sputnik features a new track Korolev which if it had appeared on the Race for Space would have rounded the album out to 10 tracks (5 each for the USA and USSR)

A driving guitar combined with the usual excellent sampled words makes it a missing gem from one of the albums of the year