Sunday, 12 March 2017

So here is the first new review of the year and weirdly it's not new music....

From 1982 comes the only known recordings by a 4 piece Strawberry Switchblade. These are obvious demo's but do show an insight into the band. There are only 3 tracks and nothing over 3 and a half minutes so it's not a long review

The first track, Spanish Song (Don't Go), is totally unreleased and its the most unusual. The verse is a breathlessly word heavy and in complete contrast to the vocals you expect. The chorus though has the first hints of that famous vocal harmony and there is a very odd flamenco section tacked on the end

Go Away was later rerecorded for the debut album but here it's built on bass and drums and not much else. Trees & Flowers was also rerecorded as a duo and this version whilst different does show that woozy slow vocal style you come to expect.

Clearly this band were in awe of the Orange Juice or Aztec Camera sound of the time and were no virtuoso's but it's worth the release

I got the songs on a clear 7" vinyl with download and 16 page booklet of history and grainy black and white photo's showing the whole polka dot idea was already fully formed - Value for money all round