Thursday, 7 April 2016

Somewhere deep in central Europe there is a whole tribe of people who have never heard the words 'grunge' or 'Seattle'. They still believe leather jackets should be covered in studs, the only way to drink Jack Daniels is to swig directly from the bottle and every bar should have a stripper in fishnets. These people have a goddess and her name is Doro.

I know all this as I've just watched the latest video from the aforementioned Metal Queen called Love's Gone to Hell. Co-written with Andreas Bruhn (formerly of the Sister of Mercy) it sounds exactly like you expect it to.

The EP also features her last duet with Lemmy and a couple of live tracks, best of which is Save my Soul from the solo debut album.

Go on, pretend it's still 1998 and indulge in some classic heavy rawk !

So you wait for over a bloody decade and then without fanfare the Fields of Nephilim suddenly release new material...... Admittedly it's only a one track single but having waited 10 years, small mercies and all that.

What we have here is a track that barrels along in the style of Phobia rather than any nine minute Floyd-like epic.

It sound like the Nephilim which is the best compliment you can give it but I do think the lyrics are rather weak compared to previous efforts. However at about 3 minutes in there comes the most glorious bass rumble and all is right with the world.

Hopefully an album is round the corner soon.