Sunday, 25 October 2015

So there I am in Cardiff at Spillers Records and I decided to go native..... The album is by Gwenno and called Y Dydd Olaf (which should give you a clue where this is coming from)

It's a concept album based on a book from the 1970's involving feminism and dystopian totalitarian regimes but as it's all sung in Welsh it's fairly irrelevant. I forgot, one track is sung in Cornish but I haven't being able to identify which !!

This is not welsh in vein of say Catatonia with a heavy accent and lots of rolled R's.... Gwenno has a more pure pop voice (think St Etienne or the female vocalists in the Human League) with hardly a trace of accent which makes the lyrics almost more unsettling

The music is a sort of electronic soup with a sort of krautrock propulsion with enough electronic squelches and bleeps to bring Hawkind to mind occasionally but all with a pop sensibility.

It's all a bit odd but there are some fantastic tunes, personal favourites being the opening Chwyldro and Fratolish Hiang Perpeshki

It's always worth taking a risk on something different every now and then