Sunday, 30 August 2015

I'm not that knowledgeable on the Scandinavian black metal scene but the full length debut from Myrkur, simply titled M, feels like something special in the genre. 

It's brutal in places with all the black metal staples of blast beat drums and buzzsaw guitars but the majority of the all female vocals are almost choral. There is also almost folky feel at times with what sound like traditional instruments being used on the opening track, Skøgen Skulle Dø. 

At time this is like listening to Clannad being mixed with early Ulver - which is very appropriate as the producer here is Garm, the leading force behind Ulver. 

Side 2 opens with Nordlys a pretty 2 min track of just piano and vocal leading into the ferocious Mordet which is bolstered by guest guitars from Arch Enemy 

This is a very concise album at only 37 mins over 11 tracks but that just means no filler and could just be the most important (black) metal album of the year