Sunday, 7 February 2016

The Anchoress is the pseudonym of Catherine Davies who has just released her debut album, Confessions of a Romance Novelist, on Kscope.

The music press are raving over her as a new Kate Bush or Tori Amos but that's fairly far from the truth. The songs are very pop orientated and the voice is nowhere near those aforementioned artists.

The biggest influence I can hear is Mansun from their album Six which is no surprise as Paul Draper of that band is heavily involved. Strangely the voice reminds me of modern day Berlin (though as the only person buying their albums still it's unlikely anyone else will notice)

One for Sorrow is a an excellent pop song and has a nagging chorus which I've heard before but can't place.

Ms Davies has been touring with Simple Minds and there is a lovely piano led cover of their song Rivers of Ice (from the Real Life album) ending the album

A sturdy debut album but don't believe the hype.....