Thursday, 21 June 2012

Now this can be considered a very odd thing to do... Porl King of Miserylab fame has created a side project called In Death It Ends

Clearly a vanity project to release some atmospheric and claustrophobic instrumentals, he chose a C60 cassette tape as the format on which to release the debut album !!

Though I missed out on the very limited cassette run there is a more conventional download available through the Miserylab website of the album Forgotten Knowledge.

The music is a pulsing, dark and menacing brew with occasional flashes of keyboard to alleviate the gloom..... Title are kept mainly to a single word - Covet, Evoke, Summon....

There are some sampled female vocals in the tracks Rite and Forgotten Knowledge which catch the ear and one track, We All Die, with vocals from Porl.

The sound doesn't differ too much from Miserylab (both are musical visions from the same individual so what do you expect ?) but there is enough interesting differences in both the rhythms and overall feel to make this a worthwhile purchase