Friday, 24 July 2015

There are times when I don't just get ideas....

Crippled Black Phoenix and Se Delan have just released Oh' Echoes but as Se Delan are a duo of current and ex members of CBP it's really just a Crippled Black Phoenix record

Consisting of just 2 tracks of 20 minutes each it's a homage to Pink Floyd.
It's the first track (part 1) that I don't understand.... If you're going to do a cover of Echoes
it needs to be different enough to be worthwhile. The music is well played and the band obviously have a love of Floyd but what's the point?

Part 2 is more interesting - a mix of Echoes, another Floyd song Childhood End (from the Obscured By Clouds album) and a bizarre blast of The Telstar's Tornado !
This is much better as the song twists and turns over the 20 minutes and unlike the straight cover in Part 1 you don't know where it's going

A flawed idea at best but with some redeeming music...

(The unpleasant comments aimed at an ex guitarist at the bottom of the Bandcamp page leave a bad taste though....)

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Found an old case full of cassettes and there are a couple of stunning albums hidden away there....

Here are just three that seem to have never existed (no downloads available, CD's etc.) but need to be revisited

Loud - Psyche 21
This featured members of the New Model Army and The Mission, was produced by Mack and makes Muse look understated.... Overblown prog with Latin chants, quasi-religious lyrics and some amazing songs

Black Sabbath - Tyr
A semi-concept album about Norse myths that has been written out of Sabbath history (my guess would be thanks to Sharon as it dares not to have Ozzy on it). Featuring Cozy Powell, Neil Murray and Tony Martin on vocals this is a real hidden hard rock gem

Andreas Bruhn - Broon
The mysterious Sisters of Mercy guitarist from the Vision Thing album offered up this solo outing in 1992 and if you have any appreciation of Goth then you should really give this is a listen - assuming you can ever find it