Wednesday, 30 November 2016

A bit of a rediscovery next….. Tusks is the pseudonym of a young woman called Emily Underhill whose music I had previously bought off bandcamp.
Now signed to the One Little Indian label she has released a couple of vinyl EP’s and the latest is called False
The opening track For You is all twitchy electronica and the closest sound I can think of is the band Grice with maybe a bit of Portishead thrown in
The title track False is a more traditional sounding rock song and maybe closer to what I originally heard her do on the Ghost single from a few years back but my favourite track would be the ballad, Ivy.

There is an accompanying EP of a remix for each song which is interesting but hardly essential.
All four tracks are self-compositions and show a lot a talent which hopefully won’t take too long to produce a full album

Sunday, 6 November 2016

Oh dear.... The Mission return with Another Fall from Grace and I an find very little to say about it.

Three original members and a support cast list to die for (Gary Numan, Julianne Regan, Martin Gore and Ville Valo) but it's all so unmemorable.....  I couldn't even guess which track Numan was on until I read the sleeve notes and even now I'm not sure he's actually on it

It's meant to be the album that follows First & Last and Always and in a way you can see that with Adams' bass to the fore and Hussey adopting a very low register on most of the vocals but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a great Mission album - more a Sisters curio

There are a couple of great tracks though
  • The first is the big dumb sing along of Met-A-Morphis which contemplates old age and the death of Bowie with a nagging chorus.
  • The second is Jade which is a glorious slow burning classic in the traditional Mission manner
With 12 tracks and only the two mentioned (and the title track) showing any signs of staying power in my memory it's not a great return - It may get better with repeated listens but for now it's a disappointment