Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Well it's only been 12 months since the official website advertised the latest offering from the Fields Of The Nephilim so in terms of previous delays it's almost on time.....

Ceremonies is not going to change anyone's view - You either already buy into the Nephilim mystique in which case you will adore it or this will still leave you feeling bewildered as to why anyone cares.

For all the packaging OTT latin subtitles - (Ad Mortem and Ad Vitam), DVD and double vinyl option, this is the soundtrack to two live shows from 2008 and should not be regarding as something 'new'

This is a second official live release and the attraction is the tracks from the Mourning Sun and Zoon albums that appear live for the first time. Songs such as Xiberia and Penetration have a distinct metallic feel and that can be felt through most of the album. Highlight from the new songs would be the epic 11 minute Mourning Sun which should have been the final song to end the album as a glorious celebration of whatever religious evocation Carl McCoy is trying for. Curiously the much slower and downbeat Celebrate ends the set.....

While this is still a great live document of where McCoy and his hired hands now stand, the original members and especially the bass playing of Tony Petitt are missed at times.

The rarely heard pair of tracks Wail Of Summer/ And There Your Heart Will Be Also from the album Elizium still show this to be a band that has to be experienced live but you should still firstly purchase the preposterously brilliant Earth Inferno for a demonstration of the Nephilim at the peak of their magnificent live power.