Tuesday, 2 August 2016

So thirty years on and I'm still buying Doro albums.... The latest is a live album called Strong & Proud. It looks promising from another fantastic cover (with links to the legendary Triumph and Agony artwork) but it's only when you look at a bit closer at the track listing that you realise this is a cut and shut job

Some tracks are taken from an gig with an orchestra, two from the Wacken outdoor festival and the rest from a standard gig. Even weirder the tracks are all mixed in together rather than all the tracks from one gig running concurrently

That said there are some gems on here - the duet with Blaze Bayley on the Iron Maiden classic Fear of the Dark (with orchestra !), very early solo tracks such as Save my Soul and some classic Warlock such as a rampaging Hellbound.

I could do without the Accept cover just because Udo's vocals really grate and All we Are has been too many times before but on the whole this is another fantastic slice of headbanging metal so flash those devil horns and sing along

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