Wednesday, 30 September 2015

Last year Nerina Pallot chose to release an EP a month and it's really paid off on the new album. The Sound and The Fury is a classy collection of mature pop songs but not of the sugar coated version

Opening with There is a Drum (about the death of Lee Rigby) and ending with Longest Memory (about the death of Maggie Thatcher) this is a lyrical tour de force.

If I had a Girl is the feminist anthem the Spice girls would have loved to have written... sounding like 'hit the road, jack' it's all hand claps and chorus with some withering observations about the lack of dicks on page 3

Four of the songs were re-recorded from the EP experiment with Rousseau being the catchy highlight

The lead single Roads sounds like Lorde with added eastern flavour and shows off Nerina's deeply warm voice superbly

Really this lady should be huge......

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