Monday, 6 April 2015

Now this album is a difficult listen.... Not in sense that it's awful but that you need to dedicate time and effort to listening to it.

Enslaved's new album is called In Times. It's a loose concept album on the theory and nature of time (you will never get that from listening to the album, but trust me it's apparently true) and none of the six tracks clock in at under 8 minutes

In addition for a lot of people there is the issue of the vocals. Like Opeth used to do, there is a mix of clean vocals and death metal histrionics. Unfortunately from the point of getting commercial acceptance the opening track Thuriaz Dreaming starts with some serious throat shredding yelps and furious drumming which will have many reaching for the off button but stick with it and there are many delights to be found.

All the tracks are labyrinthine epics of time changes and the occasional quiet interlude or icy blast of blackest metal. One Thousand Years of Rain being a fine example where there is almost a sing along chorus before the introduction of some acoustic guitar and a finale of blast beat drumming.

A fascinating album which won't appeal to many but if you put in the work this is a really good modern prog/metal album

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