Saturday, 28 June 2014

Insomnium have returned and Shadow of the Dying Sun doesn't disappoint..... Still musically brutal but with melodies any AOR band would shave their heads for

The vocals are still mainly of black metal genre, low and growling but the use of a second vocalist providing clean vocals raises the band above the (blackened) masses.

While we Sleep is a perfect example of what this band does - propulsive drumming reminiscent of the Iron Maiden gallop, a mix of vocal styles, a short acoustic interlude and even a full on guitar solo to end which wouldn't sound out of place on a Marillion album

The stunning single Ephemeral turned out to be a great taster for the album while Revelation and Black Heart Rebellion are harder and faster than the last album ever was

There are surprises such as Lose to Night which drops the pace and adds an almost crowd like sing-along chorus. The title track also adds a spoken word section and another catchy coda as the song build towards the end

Once again this band breaks through all the stereotypes associated with Scandinavian metal to produce another magnificent album that matches their masterpiece album One For Sorrow from a few years back.....

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