Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Not so much a review but a recommendation....

Bandcamp is a site is a site set up to allow musicians to sell music directly to their fans. The latest development is to allow you to post reviews of your purchases and let others see what you like/dislike. There's a link below to my collection if you want a browse

There are some great discoveries to make and also some big names especially from the goth scene -Julianne Regan (AAE), Eden House, Peter Yates (FOTN), All Living Fear......

Worth taking a look

Free downloads don't show up in youe collection though and I can offer the following two bands as examples of great new music out there ans available for free

hAND are a female fronted prog metal band and the album Breathing  is rather good. The vocals are not the histrionics you get from the European scene (Nightwish et al) but a much more downbeat even goth like fee. The opening track Song Number B has a great chorus - even with the dodgy title

The second band is Lithium Dawn. Their album AION takes a more regular prog metal but with elements of Tool and a big dose of melody. It would appear to be a concept album but as with all the best concepts, make your own mind up about what it all means !
One worth watching

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